A Writing Update

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It’s been a while since I did one of these here on the website, so here goes.

It’s been a rough November. It started well, coming off getting the new versions of both Colours of Poetry and Tears of Poetry formatted and uploaded for distribution. They are both available now in ebook and print, although Colours of Poetry is still working its way down the distribution chain.

I also did some editing on Fairy Tales and Nightmares and made progress on finishing the first draft of Masks and Shadows, Book 1 in my Obsidian Blade series. Then the string of bad luck hit.

First, the refrigerator started malfunctioning and I had to contact my landlady and get a new one delivered. That was several days of distraction. Then the delivery guy didn’t deliver the proof copy of Colours of Poetry (despite my being home) and I had to pick it up instead.

Then I got targeted by a couple of stalker creeps over an interview I did with a female author a year ago. These two have apparently been harassing her for some time and decided in their total idiocy to try and get me to denounce her or something by telling me a bunch of lies. Like I was just going to believe the word of some random guy on the internet. After I asked for proof, the crazy that contacted me made threats to spread rumours about me. Needless to say, that wasn’t fun. These people need to get therapy, and quick.

And two days later, came the real crisis. My computer wouldn’t boot and after a Windows reinstall, all my files got wiped. Luckily I can rebuild the majority of my files from backups, or recreate what was lost, so not a total disaster. So that’s why things have been a bit slow the past couple of weeks.

Hopefully, Drabble Wednesday will be back on this week and I can get back to a regular routine of writing.

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