#OctoberFrights Day 2: Author Spotlight – D.L. Tillery

Today I’m bringing you a spotlight post on horror author D. L.Tillery and her new short story release Fractals.


The biting cold may leave you wanting…

Dallure is excited yet nervous about the upcoming trip with her boyfriend. She is expecting an along awaited proposal. But on the road, Drake is being anything but romantic. They reach their destination after a cold hike through the snowy mountains. Only, things soon take a turn for the worse.
Dallure wakes up, freezing and confused the next morning, with Drake nowhere to be seen. The following weeks will change her life as she knows it. Frightened at the odd occurrences and Drake’s disappearance, Dallure is determined to find out what really happened on that mountain.

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Author Bio

Author D.L. Tillery “The Mistress of Horror” is known for her short horror tales and poetry.
Homeschooled during her formative years fed into the imaginative person she is today. D.L. was Published at the age of 19 and worked as a freelance writer for Carpe Nocturne before starting her Fiction Writing career. D.L. currently resides in MD in the USA with her daughter, two brothers and mother, where she was born and raised. The message she loves to leave for all her readers is to “Stay Scared.”


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