Drabble Wednesday: Fate of Judgement

It’s that day and here are three more drabbles.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Fate Sheds No Tears

Did you ever wonder what we thought? If we spare a care for the dead, or a sigh for those who fall under preordained misfortune. We weave those lives, after all, the unhappy wretches, those destined to die violently or young. We weave misery as much as the joy, the threads sliding in life’s tapestry to intertwine.
Why is one mortal life chosen above the other?
As if we had any say, any choice. If you want to know why life’s so capricious, ask the loom. We just work here. What happens outside in the mortal world is no business of the Fates.


I stand before the court today accused of poisoning our ruler, the tyrannical Duke. The people cheered when I walked into the hall to face the tribunal, to hear the charges read and plead my case. They sit in judgement of my actions, with no interest in the truth.
They don’t understand.
I smile. I killed the Duke. He was only the first. Everyone in this room will die today. I am exactly where I want to be. Where I need to be. They will know the meaning of true judgement. The gods have spoken and I am their sword…

A Conversation

I ask him, “Am I a good man?”
“That is not for me to say. I am not here to judge.”
“I have fought in wars, and killed for my kingdom, never questioned the right of it. Until now.”
Death takes my hand. “Your life cannot be undone. Regrets are useless. The gods will decide your worth. I am only the ferryman of your last journey.”
Suddenly I am in a boat with water lapping at its sides.
“But am I a good man?”
“That is not for me to say.” He nods and rows the boat away from shore…

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