The Poetry is Coming…

So no Drabble Wednesday this week due to various other things keeping me busy. In addition, Drabble Wednesday will not be happening for the month of April because it is that time of year again. Poetry Time.

Yes, folks, National Poetry Month is indeed upon us again and starting Friday, April 1st, I will once again be posting a poem a day here on the website. Also, there may just be a new poetry book coming out this month. If you are signed up for my newsletter you’ll get a sneak peek at the cover on Friday.

So buckle up, and prepare for the month of verse. And don’t worry, Drabble Wednesday will return in May.

Just a couple of more updates.

I have a new free scifi serial story happening over on my new Ko-fi page. I’m posting new installments on Saturdays, once or twice a month. Four chapters are up already, plus there’s a companion certificate swag you can buy and download from the shop.

And come join the fun at Quarancon from April 7th-11th!

I’ll be appearing on two panels.

Location as Character

The Great Fantasy Bake-Off

Check out all the events and the schedule here.

Quarancon 2022

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