Drabble Wednesday: Mad Science Returns

Today, I’m bringing back the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory as they prepare for their annual safety inspection…

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Pexels.com

A Tour of the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory

“Welcome gentlemen. I’m Dr. Spaulding. Shall we commence with the tour?” The grey-haired employee smiled at the stern-faced safety inspectors before leading them down a corridor.

“On the right is the improvements lab. We are currently working on the ArmaTeddy® upgrades. Would you like to start there?”

The inspectors exchanged a glance. One cleared his throat and asked, “What about your farm animal project? There were issues?”

“Ah. You heard about that. Unfortunately, we scrapped our Mega Chicken experiments after two employees were injured in a pecking accident. The prototype birds were destroyed.”

Dr. Spaulding smiled again, remembering the barbeque.

The Splicing Lab

“This is one of our splicing labs. We have various genetic experiments going on here, with preliminary work happening on winged pigs, the butterfly bunny, and the mini-kraken. We are hoping to breed that last one as a domestic pet.” 

“A pet?” One inspector gasped. “Isn’t that dangerous? I mean, with your track record…” 

Dr. Spaulding shrugged. “No more than any other exotic pets. And marketing is very keen on the project; they’re planning on a whole aquarium environment to accompany the animal.” Spaulding snorted. “They even plan on including a colourful toy sailing ship for the mini-kraken to sink.”

Advanced Projects

“This is one of our specialty labs, currently housing one of our advanced projects.” Dr. Spaulding tried to smile. “Please don’t get too close to the habitat and watch your step.”

One belligerent safety inspector shouted, “What monstrosity have you brought us to see?” as a screech sounded. Swooping from the shadows of the habitat, a giant bat flew around the room. Jumping, the inspector lost his footing in a pile of fresh excrement and landed face down in poo.

Dr. Spaulding sighed. “Oh, dear. I did tell him to watch his step. That bat guano can be very slippery.”

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