Updates and Excerpt Wednesday

So yes, I missed Drabble Wednesday last week, and it’s MIA this week as well, but I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo this month, working hard on getting my Fairy Tales and Nightmares story collection finished, and hopefully some work down on my Tales of the Norse Gods book as well. I am going to post a little WIP excerpt from Fairy Tales and Nightmares today, though, so you won’t go without a story.

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

Winter’s End

The wind-blown snow whipped against her lined face, the cold soaking into her old bones through the layers of fur and wool that wrapped her frail body. She grunted, adjusting the strap of the bag slung over her neck and shoulder, each step through the frozen wasteland difficult, but she knew her way and she was stubborn.

The wind tickled a strand of hair peeking out from beneath her hood, and whispered, “Why have you come, Gerda, into the snow? Go back, go back to your fire. Kai is gone, there is no one left to save.”

Gerda brushed at her cheek and grunted again. “There is no one left to save. That is why I am here.”

The wind fell silent, and swirled away across the snow. The icy flakes fell softer then, a quiet blanket of serenity descending from the sky as Gerda trudged forward. Cold enveloped her but could not compare to the frost on her soul.

Once she sparkled in the world, savouring the taste of it, the promise of the city, the future promise of prosperity and happiness. She made vows to honour, a home to cherish, but taint set in and stained its lustre. Pricks against her skin with reproachful words and disdainful looks, and doubts slithered in feeding on his words. They grew fat on his arrogance, his sense of dominance, as she withered, bowed to him as the inferior creature. Life deadened her, but she kept a tiny hopeful spark kindled within banked embers, even as she revolved around him, became his thrall and he became her world. She thought they were happy, that their symbiosis had made a bigger whole, but she was wrong. She was nothing to him, but someone to use, and when she was useless he tossed her aside like rubbish. And her last glimmer of warmth died.

But the snakes remained, squirming in her gut, eating at her still. Pain was her life and she wanted it to end. So she came here, to find the one person with more ice in her soul than she.

The Snow Queen.

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