Drabble Wednesday: Morbid Musings

Welcome back to another Drabble Wednesday and today I have three murder drabbles for you. Enjoy.

Image by brands amon from Pixabay


Death. One singular moment in eternity. A release for some, a fight for others. Yet… it joins us all. Doesn’t it? I always thought so. It waits for us, chasing our heartbeats with every pounding thump until the rhythm stills. It stalks us, we tease it, we dance on the edge anticipating its call.

It is the one state of being universally feared. Even by me.

Perhaps that’s why I study it intently. Why I seek out my victims. They all run or beg, refuting death until the instant it is inevitable. Only then does the fear fade to acceptance.

Justice Denied

“It’s been ten years. Let it go. Andrea wouldn’t want this for you.”

“Shut up. Everyone tells me to move on. I’m sick of hearing how my sister wouldn’t want me obsessing. But she’s dead. Murdered. And I want the truth.”

“Well, I don’t have it. You know my story.”

“But that’s what it was, right? A story. A lie to hide that you killed her.”

“That’s absurd.”

“You strangled her in the back of your car the night she disappeared. With her own belt.”

“How did you—” The rest of his words drowned in the sound of the gunshot.

The Return

Ripples under the surface, something rising, stirring the calm water. Air bubbles trickling upward to pop against the tension, the instant before the dark mass bobs into view from under the lake. In the darkness no one sees, the night still hides the secret, but the dawn will bring curious eyes, and then screams of realization.

Yet that is hours away. Tonight the object floats, a misshapen form in blue tarp. Undulating in the water like driftwood; abandoned flotsam, waiting for discovery come the sunrise.

For the lake has given up its dead, and one missing girl will be found.

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