Drabble Wednesday: Reveals

Back to the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse this week, but only with two stories. I had some unexpected work this week (a good thing), so writing time was a bit more limited. Enjoy.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay


“When did we get an auxiliary VR space?” I glanced around the large room.

“With the last upgrade, five years ago,” Frankie replied. “Didn’t you pay attention at the briefing?

“I say, this is fascinating and all, but are we safe here?” Dr. Quackenboss asked. “And why are you holding a sword, Franklin, old chap?”

“Huh?” He stared at the katana in his hand. “That’s funny. I wonder why it didn’t disappear with the Ninja Bear?”

“Speaking of, what happened back there?”

“We’ve been hacked. By…Le Pingouin Noir”


“Haven’t a clue, but we need to call him something.”


“I like the name. It’s quite…appropriate.” A sinister voice slithered out from nowhere, interrupting our discussion. We all gasped. Even the guinea pig and the cat.

“I thought you said this room was self-contained, Frankie!” I glared at him.

“It is! No one should be able to access it or hack it.”

I’m not just anyone. I am supreme! No mere room can withstand my hacking might! You are now my prisoners!”

“Poppycock!” Frankie snapped back. “I bet you are just using the intercom system.”

“How dare you? I can control it. I created this place!”

I blinked. “Oswald?”

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