Drabble Wednesday: Bring on the Ghouls

A bit late today, but technically it’s still Wednesday.

Here are the next instalments of the Virtual Adventures of Frankie and Joni.

The Dimension That Ate Thursday

I blame it all on Frankie. I just did what he said, and pushed the shiny red button. Okay, maybe I was thinking more about the holographic rock concert I wanted to see and didn’t pay attention when Frankie told me not to hold down the button for more than a second or two. But he shouldn’t have hooked up the virtual interface to an interdimensional energy source.
How was I to know that a pocket wormhole would open and swallow Thursday? Nobody remembers what happened or where we went exactly, but everyone keeps having weird flashes of flying monkeys.

Hologram Horror

“The quiet lays on me like a shroud, an ominous portent of the creeping night.” My words echoed through the VR chamber.
“Okay, fine and dandy, but are we going to do with the sea ghouls?”
“I was setting up a mood here, Frankie! Sheesh.” I sighed. “I don’t know. Stick them in the sky, hovering.”
“Um, that’s not what I meant.”
Uh oh. “What did you do?”
“I didn’t mean to. But we have extra ghouls.”
“Extra ghouls?” I looked up. Red eyes looked back at me.
“I think we should run.”
Then the surplus ghouls chuckled.

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