National Poetry Month – Day 15: Out of Order

The prompt for Day 15 is out of order, written in one of my favourite forms, the blitz poem.

Image by Steve Oberhansly from Pixabay 

Out of Order

Out of order
Out of time
Time flies
Time to kill
Kill the darlings
Kill zone
Zone of death
Zone of silence
Silence breaks
Silence waits
Wait for Godot
Wait forever
Forever love
Forever in a day
Day breaks
Day trip
Trip over toes
Trip the light fantastic
Fantastic dreams
Fantastic schemes
Schemes of riches
Schemes of villains
Villains plot
Villains laugh
Laugh and smile
Laugh echoes
Echoes sadness
Echoes memories
Memories of what?
Memories of better days
Days of joy
Days of infinity
Infinity cosmos
Infinity jesters
Jesters of mirth
Jesters of inanity
Inanity of the world
Inanity fallen
Fallen lies
Fallen tears
Tears of crystal
Tears of ice
Ice over whiskey
Ice queen
Queen of hearts
Queen and kingdom
Kingdom chaos
Kingdom come

© A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved

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