Day 8 – National Poetry Month: Shadow Dewdrops

Today's prompt was Shadow Dewdrops and I wrote a trimeric poem. Enjoy. Photo by Johannes Plenio on Shadow Dewdrops In the first rays of dawnas the shadows peel awayand the dewdrops danceupon the lush verdant grass As the shadows peel awayshrinking to illumination,the garden slowly awakens And the dewdrops dancereflecting in the sunlightTiny impermanent... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month Day 18: Parasite

Here's today's poem. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Parasite A looming worm of a presenceReflected reasoning to darkly justifytheir self-centered need to controlTheir words burrowing under your skin Reflected reasoning to darkly justifyinsidious behavior designedto misuse and manipulate Their self-centered need to controlexcavates through your joy,burying you under the need to please Their words burrowing under your... Continue Reading →

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