Day 11: National Poetry Month: Dragon Moon

Today's prompt was dragon moon, and here's my attempt at a Lục bát poem. Enjoy. Photo by samer daboul on Dragon Moon Under the dragon moonbeside the shifting dune of sandgentle winds blow inlandIts beating wings expand to skyembracing heavens highto soar, dream, and forever fly ©2022 A. F. Stewart

National Poetry Month Day 10: High Wire

Here's today's poem. Image by _Vane_ from Pixabay High Wire Suspended, far abovethe madness circle of stale fearbalancing atmosphereagainst each fractured tear and acheuntil the high wire shakesYou fall, as your screams quake above

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 14: Blue

And the poem for day 14. Image by rony michaud from Pixabay   Blue Along wavering lines slither shimmering signs of woe draped in soft indigo and bleeding in a row, your hurts A universe inverts, as cobalt emotion spurts pale lies against spacious dead eyes, your societal guise confines        A. F.... Continue Reading →

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