Drabble Wednesday: Holiday Vignettes

Three holiday-themed drabbles for your reading enjoyment. Drabble Wednesday will be taking a break until the 28th when (hopefully) I’ll be back with some New Year’s fun.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com


Melting warmth into the night, fading scarlet and amber brilliance against the twinkling emergence of stars, matched by the glow in the window. One candle lit, finite radiance to light the way. The beacon of home, of comfort and a cozy welcome.
Behind the flickering flame, laughter and quiet conversation, the smell of spruce and citrus, the sleepy nods of children up past their bedtime. A knock on the door brings the last wayward soul inside, a puff of wind making the candlelight dance. A smile towards the window, with a nod to the tradition and the light of family.


Lightly fallen snow dusting the city grime, transforming sooty streets into a winter wonderland. Footsteps crunch to the frosted shop windows festooned with evergreen garlands and holly, while little shining faces press their noses against the glass, mouths agape at the toys within.
The familiar rattle of the hansom cabs pass, carrying weary folk home, and others off to fulfill their Christmas dreams. The tinkle of the brass shop bell sounds and the warm lamplight beckons you inside.
Come, come, find such trinkets and presents, find ribbons and bows, trains and dolls galore… all to make your holidays merry and bright.

Christmas Eve

Home for the holidays, the stockings hung with care against the backdrop of a crackling fire and the mouthwatering scent of steaming mulled cider. The children are tucked in their beds dreaming of Santa, for tomorrow brings roast turkey, stuffing and all the fixings, with the sweet mayhem of scattered paper and bows.
But tonight, there is the aroma of pine and the twinkling lights of the tree, carols playing in the background as the chocolates are passed around to one and all. We sip our cider and ponder the wonder of it all. Tonight is for the simple pleasures.


Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

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