Drabble Wednesday: Ghouls and Zombies Return

After a break last week, Frankie and Joni are back with more Halloween hijinks. Plus, the ghouls and zombies are coming too…

Photo by imustbedead on Pexels.com

Ghouls and Boys

“Has that hard drive you call a brain completely crashed? Ghouls? After what happened last time? No, Frankie. No!”
“Um, well, I know we’ve had some issues… but, well, it’s Corporate. They did a poll. Apparently the public wants to see ghouls and zombies fight. They sent us a directive.” Frankie held out the tablet and I read the orders from our bosses.
“My apologies Frankie. You’re not crazy. They are. They are freaking insane!”
I shoved the tablet back in his hands and stormed off, the familiar headache already forming.
I needed lots of coffee. And chocolate ice cream.

Ghouls and Zombies… Again

Returning from my tenth coffee break in two days, I found Frankie gently banging his head against his console. On the top row a red button flashed; my fingers itched to press it, but I resisted the urge with a shiver.
“What’s up, Frankie? Why is the program error alarm flashing?”
Frankie looked up and wailed, “They’re dancing. Dancing!”
“What? Who?”
“The ghouls. And the zombies. What went wrong? I used the code Corporate sent. I didn’t tweak it at all.”
I scanned the code. “Here’s the problem. They used the base code from Dancing with the Slightly Famous People.”

Ghouls vs. Zombies

“It’s fixed!”
“So no more dancing?” I was glad Frankie solved the issue, but I would miss the old program. Those ghouls and zombies could really tango.
Frankie nodded. “I’m ready to run through the fight sequences. Join me in the vid room?”
I followed him and stood by as he booted up the program. The lights flashed in green strobes, music roared out and an announcer’s voice boomed, “Get ready to rumble!!!” The first ghoul and the zombie materialized and… pirouetted past each other wearing frilly pink tutus.
I burst out laughing.
“Oh, blast it! I forgot the ballet!”

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