New Release- Surprise!

So I had the cover reveal yesterday for Poetry of Monsters and Madness, and fully planned to wait to upload the book until Friday, but I had I some extra time yesterday, so I thought why not? So yes, Poetry of Monsters and Madness is now on pre-order at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers and libraries. The print book is in the pipeline as well, and should be out (at least on Amazon) the same week as the ebook. The price will be 0.99 cents until October 15th; after that it will go up to 2.99. So if you want a copy be sure to purchase it within that window and save some pennies.

From the darkness and the shadows.

From the lunacy and the void.

The words flow on moonlight and mayhem, slithering tentacles along the night. Follow the siren song of myth and monstrosity, the shrieking call of creatures wild and terrifying. Wander down the mind’s mania as it leads you past reality into disturbing delusion.

Come read the Poetry of Monsters and Madness.

The book is a volume of horror poetry—divided into three sections: Monsters, Madness, and Horror Haiku—a collection of musings on the spirit of myth, the substance of monsters, both imaginary and human, and the nature of madness.
I wrote the majority of the poems in a free verse style, but there are a few form poems (mostly chant poems) scattered throughout the pages. These poems also have an excessive amount of moonlight, blood, and death, so be warned.

I’ll also be featuring the book during the October Frights Blog Hop, with some excerpts.

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