Is Facebook Broken?

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Is Facebook Broken?

The answer to that question, in my opinion, is a resounding, YES.

This is based not only on their ever-continuing changes that are resulting in the site being less and less user-friendly but in my own recent experiences as a banned author. As I have previously reported here, and elsewhere, Facebook blocked my website from being shared on its site. They gave me no warning, no email or message this had happened, and ABSOLUTELY no explanation about why even after many, many, repeated messages.

I found out about this ban of my site two months ago in April when I tried to share it and received an error message stating: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” What’s more, my website had been blocked by Instagram back around February, so I suspect the ban dates back that far. And having my site blocked from sharing would have been bad enough, but on further investigation, I found that EVERY POST I shared from my website had been RETROACTIVELY removed from Facebook.

So, in essence, my author website, my main marketing platform, had been wiped out of existence on Facebook without explanation, warning, or even the decency of informing me.

Possibly on the say-so of a total stranger. Or maybe a whim. Or maybe pure unadulterated censorship due to my writing in the horror genre. Or a malicious attack by trolls. I don’t know, because, and this where the broken part comes in, Facebook WILL NOT communicate with me. I reviewed their community standards and I still don’t see how my site violated any of them. I have messaged them weekly, daily, done everything but send up smoke signals, but I have heard not one peep from them about the matter.

However, I have heard many, many peeps from them trying to get me to boost posts, run ads and generally spend my money on their site. My answer to that is NO. They don’t get my business anymore.

I don’t do business with companies that are uncommunicative, that treat you with such disrespect and disdain. These are not good practices or policies, and maybe it is time we face facts. Facebook doesn’t want to be a good company, they just want your money.


This experience has taught me the following:

Don’t waste money on Facebook.

They do not care about their users.

No one is safe on that site.

It’s time to move on.

Facebook is broken.

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