Sometimes the Universe Hands You Lemons

So some annoying things happened in this last week or so, putting me in an frustrated and stressed out mood.

First, rolled back its price match on my permafree novella, Chronicles of the Undead, for the second time and this go round I couldn’t get Draft2Digital to intervene to reinstate it. So Amazon is once again charging for my free book. (Please don’t buy it there. Free Kindle copies are available at Instafreebie).

Next up was BookBub, where my profile suddenly went inactive and practically nonfunctioning. Four emails and some intrepid sleuthing later, I finally got someone at BookBub to respond and got that issue sorted.

And then…

SotDSCover4Due to unforeseen circumstances (and that naughty lemon handing universe) my editor tells me she needed more time for the editing of my upcoming release, Souls of the Dark Sea. She too, encountered those unexpected circumstances of life and they put her work schedule out of whack.
Which left me with a decision. Go ahead with the scheduled launch, stressing myself to make all the deadlines or reschedule the release date.

Well, despite the fact I don’t like lemonade I took the universe’s lemons and made the best of it. I opted to not stress out and rescheduled the launch.

Souls of the Dark Sea will not be released on August 28th as planned, but instead will sail into the world on September 13th.

However, the launch giveaway will happen as scheduled so look for that on August 18th.


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