#NationalPoetryMonth Day 12: One Shred Left

Day 12 and I bring you a Blitz poem…




One Shred Left


Nerves buzzing

Nerves on edge

Edge of losing it

Edge of nothing

Nothing calm

Nothing soothing

Soothing sounds

Soothing, where are you?

You are stressed

You are screaming

Screaming to be heard

Screaming out loud

Loud noise

Loud voices

Voices nattering

Voices have to stop

Stop asking me

Stop bothering me

Me, I don’t know

Me, I have lost

Lost my composure

Lost my sanity

Sanity in transition

Sanity breaking

Breaking out

Breaking down

Down in the mire

Down with conformity

Conformity community

Conformity to ideal

Ideal dislocation

Ideal peace

Peace slipping

Peace gone astray

Astray thoughts

Astray feeling

Feeling disjointed

Feeling discontent

Discontent with sympathy

Discontent with liability

Liability obligation

Liability weight

Weight of responsibility

Weight of the world

World never stops

World crushes in

In nowhere

In always




© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved


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