Brain to Books Cyber Convention


I’m part of another great event for authors and readers coming to the virtual world this April, on the 8th, 9th and 10th,  called the Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

This wonderful event is being held on Goodreads, with adjunct events on Facebook and elsewhere, and works much like a real world convention only online. With “author booths”, panels, readings, and more, it will be a fabulous gathering for all book lovers. You can find all the details and pertinent links for the groups here:

Just be sure to join both Goodreads groups if you are an author. One is for convention preparations and information, and the other is the convention site itself.

You can find the groups here:

Backstage (for authors)

Fairgrounds (the actual convention site)

I’ll be setting up a booth for April (you can take a sneak peek here, but remember it’s still under construction and not open for visitors until April). I’ll also be involved in author panels, have giveaways, and one of my villains will be partaking in a Character Showdown.

Also, over on Facebook I’ll be a part of the convention’s Cover Wars and the Author Takeover (I’m up at 2:00 PM EST on April 10th).

So please drop by in April for a fantastic time time.



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