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#NationalPoetryMonth Day 28: Chantilly Lace

For Day 28, the words, Chantilly Lace, popped in my head and I rolled with it. I hope you enjoy the resulting poem. Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay   Chantilly Lace   Delicate silk, shadow black Yet rarely the colour of milk Such… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 28: Chantilly Lace”

National Poetry Month: Pretty Lil’ Horses

Pretty Lil’ Horses   Pretty horses Running free from one fence to the next and in the barn come sunset warm hay fresh oats same tomorrow   Pretty horses Running wild along the windswept shore and sea those roaming nomads, rough and untamed blowing… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month: Pretty Lil’ Horses”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: Inside Out

Day 6 of National Poetry Month brings an oddball poem…   Inside Out   Inside backwards and roundabout Up, down, all around, churning, spilling breaking the brain box, falling out never restrained floating free never me   Outside revolution twisting twice Broken says normal,… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: Inside Out”