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National Poetry Month Day 24: Syncopated

Today I had a musical prompt (so apologies to musicians if I totally screwed up the meaning). Syncopated Shorten the beatDisruption in the strong rhythmShorten the beatSpeed up the pace, and slow it downSwing the tempo around and roundLet the quiet notes have their… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 24: Syncopated”

National Poetry Month Day 19: Blank Stare, Blank Mind

The prompt I had for today was for blank stare. I’m not sure why this poem came out of that, but here it is, enjoy. Blank Stare, Blank Mind Words elicitvacant reaction, bare responseWords elicita foolish mob mentalitybehaviour extremes, densityof thought, never heeding what… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 19: Blank Stare, Blank Mind”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 10: Shadows in the Rain

Welcome to Day 10 and another poem. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay   Shadows in the Rain Thrumming droplets a firm cascading, deluge beat Thrumming droplets cast from sky borne water faucets, turned on to drown the latent heat Black reflection shapes coat the… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 10: Shadows in the Rain”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 28: Transitions

 Some universal musings today, for Day 28 of National Poetry Month.   Transitions   Shift position Across luminosity stars Shift position Great transitory ambition Set down in galactic memoirs galloping past Venus and Mars Shift position © A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 28: Transitions”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 5: Sunset Lies

  Day Five has dawned on National Poetry Month, and I bring you another poem…       Sunset Lies   Your sunset lies beguiled me, walking on the sand Your sunset lies I believed, in your flawless guise those promises told, hand in… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 5: Sunset Lies”