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National Poetry Month Day 28: Original Sin

Today’s prompt was original sin, and this is what I wrote. Original Sin The false-faced, false-tonguedTragic sin of prideAnd turn your blind eyepast the souls that died Hypocrite mourningwhen eyes turn on youBut the stain of sinalways sticks like glue Forged faith won’t hideyour… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 28: Original Sin”

National Poetry Month Day 27: Splat

Today’s poem is a tyburn, and very much in the dark gallows humour vein, so be warned. Splat SquallingBrawlingDroppingStoppingRooftop fight; a squalling, brawling spatLanding with a dropping, stopping splat

National Poetry Month Day 26: Ugly Fruit

Before I wrote this, I wondered why I picked this prompt. Ugly fruit? This is what I came up with, so enjoy. Ugly Fruit Crinkled skin, unsightly lumps that bulgeShoved away in a hushed cornerIgnored in favour of flashthe new variety,vogue inclinationof flawlessnessNot perfect,but… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 26: Ugly Fruit”

National Poetry Month Day 25: Mourning Ritual

So my prompt for today was Cemetery Picnic, and here’s the poem I wrote inspired by Victorian Era customs (and yes, they did picnic in cemeteries). Also, I usually use the prompt for the title, but I changed it up for this one. Mourning… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 25: Mourning Ritual”

National Poetry Month Day 24: Syncopated

Today I had a musical prompt (so apologies to musicians if I totally screwed up the meaning). Syncopated Shorten the beatDisruption in the strong rhythmShorten the beatSpeed up the pace, and slow it downSwing the tempo around and roundLet the quiet notes have their… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 24: Syncopated”