Tag: National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Day 13: Scorch

Back to the opinions today, with a poem called Scorch. Scorch Pillars of lies, upliftingOur wayward society, driftingBurn it all down Entwined oppression of dreamsExploitation and denial extremePillars of lies, uplifting Turn a blind, broken eye to the painBabble the consistent crazed refrainOur wayward… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 13: Scorch”

National Poetry Month Day 12: In The Air

A short poem today, for a bit of Zen. In The Air DriftBeyondDisturbanceHarmoniousCalm

National Poetry Month Day 11: Exclamations

Some more opinions in poetry for today. Exclamations OutcriesOutragefor empty conspiracyand repugnant traditionClinging to what they knowinstead of letting gointo a brave new world Oh, oh, ohDon’t change it!Oh, oh, ohYou’re too sensitive!Oh, oh, ohI didn’t mean it like that! Hollow exclamationsThreatened recriminationsagainstnew expectationsfor… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 11: Exclamations”

National Poetry Month Day 10: High Wire

Here’s today’s poem. High Wire Suspended, far abovethe madness circle of stale fearbalancing atmosphereagainst each fractured tear and acheuntil the high wire shakesYou fall, as your screams quake above

National Poetry Month Day 9: Revival Tents

A touch of the controversial with today’s poem. Revival Tents Hallelujah, my children!Today, we have congregatedto attend the word of our LordBut first our coffers must be sated Step up, your preacher speaks,Heaven will be your final rewardBut first our coffers must be satedto… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 9: Revival Tents”