Tag: National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Day 18: Parasite

Here’s today’s poem. Parasite A looming worm of a presenceReflected reasoning to darkly justifytheir self-centered need to controlTheir words burrowing under your skin Reflected reasoning to darkly justifyinsidious behavior designedto misuse and manipulate Their self-centered need to controlexcavates through your joy,burying you under the… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 18: Parasite”

National Poetry Month Day 17: Abandoned In The Undertow

Going a bit dark and thoughtful today. Abandoned in the Undertow Standing on the shore’s abyssA smile, a nod, a final kissSwept into the ebb and flow,abandoned in the undertow Drifting within a dark damnationBuoyant against grinding causationBelow the light sweet and slow,abandoned in… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 17: Abandoned In The Undertow”

National Poetry Month Day 16: Snowbirds

Just a short poem today. Snowbirds Fly away southFar from the icy frostA few moments in the sunBefore coming home

National Poetry Month Day 15: Traditions

Apparently I’m in a controversy mood this month with another thought-provoking poem. Traditions Don’t change our waysWe need our traditionsRespect our forbearersWhile the hanging rope swings from the tree We have the right to bear armsWe have the right to be heardWe must preserve… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 15: Traditions”

National Poetry Month Day 14: Red Plaid Shirt

Fair Warning, you may not like this poem, or it may hit a nerve, or trigger upsetting feelings. Red Plaid Shirt He thought he was invincibleHe didn’t need to listen to rulesNothing can hurt me, he’d sayWith his goofy grin and red plaid shirt… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 14: Red Plaid Shirt”