Day 23 – National Poetry Month: Hallowed Relic

Today I had the prompt Hallowed Relic and I give you a Catena Rondo poem. Enjoy. Photo by Pixabay on Hallowed Relic Veneration in the hallowed light,with bowed head and devoted heartSo much more than treasured artVeneration in the hallowed light With bowed head and devoted heart,whispered prayers released in caresoul’s pain splayed raw... Continue Reading →

Day 22 – National Poetry Month: Fairy Rain

Today, I attempt a poetry form new to me, a Celtic form called Dechnad Cummaisc, for the prompt Fairy Rain. Enjoy. Photo by Daniel Frank on Fairy Rain Swirling twilight colour fading,soft summer rainLaughing shadows, woodland music,gentle refrain The fairies dance as evening ends,spinning sublimeEthereal wisps past the glen,adrift in time The moonlight sings... Continue Reading →

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