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National Poetry Month: What It Takes

What It Takes Will the day break cold? Shattering all regretful aches? Will the world turn old? Will I remain steadfast bold? Do whatever consequence takes? Will the day break cold? Will I dance in sunshine gold? Or drown in all the bitter stakes?… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month: What It Takes”

National Poetry Month: Now You Tell Me

Now You Tell Me After the roses After the smiles Now you tell me After the kisses After the promises Now you tell me After the late nights After our dreams Now you tell me After the ebb and flow After the tears Now… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month: Now You Tell Me”

National Poetry Month: Something Else

  Something Else Is it malaise? No, not that. Is it discontent? A little, perhaps. Is it disappointment? In part. I think… it is something else Something bigger A sensation A vibration Of the world turning Of the world burning I can’t shake it… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month: Something Else”