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National Poetry Month Day 23: Stone Eater

A fantasy poem today. Stone Eater It is whisperedin legendthe bedrock crumbles beforethe Devourer of Worlds It is believedby somehe comes in punishment,the Devourer of Worlds We were rightWe knowthe universe trembles beforethe Devourer of Worlds

National Poetry Month Day 22: Cat’s Eye

A short haiku for you today. Cat’s Eye Steely-eyed focus,Gilded gaze, a swishing tailPouncing, into purrs

National Poetry Month Day 21: Ripple

Here is today’s poem. Take it as you will. Ripple One breathgaspingundulation wavesOne breath silenced Collective breathholdingon the turning pointOne breath heard

National Poetry Month Day 20: Rolling Thunder

Here’s today’s stormy poem. Rolling Thunder Between the quiet spaces of the worldThe budding thunder wakes its tempoIts expanding pressure windswept swirled Into the waiting air, a storm unfurledA boom, a crash, a harsh helloBetween the quiet spaces of the world Its voice roaring,… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 20: Rolling Thunder”

National Poetry Month Day 19: Blank Stare, Blank Mind

The prompt I had for today was for blank stare. I’m not sure why this poem came out of that, but here it is, enjoy. Blank Stare, Blank Mind Words elicitvacant reaction, bare responseWords elicita foolish mob mentalitybehaviour extremes, densityof thought, never heeding what… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 19: Blank Stare, Blank Mind”