Drabble Wednesday: More Tales From Corporate

More drabbles from the Corporate world of Frankie and Joni…

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Lunch and Inspiration

In the non-executive lunch room of Corporate Headquarters…
Two code technicians are eating fried pink fluff balls, donuts, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes they bought at half price.

“Can you believe the higher ups? A two percent fluctuation in the visitor numbers and they’re panicking. My bosses are breathing down my neck for new ideas.”
“Wasn’t that ghouls vs. zombies thing popular?”
“Yeah, but the spooky season is over. They want to cash in on the next holiday rush. I’m supposed to be thinking of jingle bells and reindeer or something.”
“Oh! How about a North Pole War.”
“That’s brilliant.”

Holiday Wars

Another day in the lunch room.
The same two colleagues sit chatting…

“How’s the North Pole Showdown Coming?”
“Not bad, not bad. I managed to recycle code from Bake Off with Becky and created an epic food fight, cupcake finale. Had to scrap the fruitcake segment though, too dangerous.”
“Yeah, those things could be lethal. What else did you add? Confetti guns?”
“Went with glitter cannons and gumdrop guns. The kids will love them. And perfectly safe once I added the helmet eye shields.”
“Oh, good thinking. We don’t want another beanbag eye scandal on our hands.”
They both shuddered.


Meanwhile, back in the lunch room things are not well…
“Can you believe it? The simulation was finished! Now they want major changes by Friday! It’s impossible!”
“Why? I thought they loved your ideas.”
“So did I, but the higher ups sent me a list of ridiculous things to add! I mean, glitter tracksuits for the elves? And berets? Tattoos for the reindeer? What’s going on?” The tech moaned and stabbed a fried chartreuse puff ball.
“Oh. I get it.”
“You do?”
“Haven’t you heard? Corporate licensed the holo vid rights for Christmas Gangs of Paris.”
“Shoot, I’m being hijacked!”

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