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National Poetry Month – Day 26: Beyond the Farthest Star

Today’s poem is a Villanelle from the prompt, beyond the farthest star. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay  Beyond the Farthest Star Beyond the reach of infinity’s gaze,past the edge of the blackest nightwe journey alone, amid stalwart days Bound in steel, a shell-like mazeof humanity’s aspiration in… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 26: Beyond the Farthest Star”

National Poetry Month – Day 25: Transmogrification

Today’s prompt was transmogrification and the form attempted was a mirrored refrain. Original image by Grae Dickason from Pixabay  Transmogrification The journey of society beginswith hope of potential sublimeLost in a sea of indifferent facesbroken by the turning of time Slights and barbs reflectinsincere fundamental graces,broken by… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 25: Transmogrification”

National Poetry Month – Day 24: Bob’s Your Uncle

Today’s poem is another bit of silly, written in rhyming free verse for the prompt (suggested from Facebook), Bob’s Your Uncle. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  Bob’s Your Uncle Bob’s your uncle you see,on that we can all agreeWe mourn his demise,but his estate is the prizeand… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month – Day 24: Bob’s Your Uncle”

National Poetry Month – Day 23: Over Under

Today I have a short and silly bit of nonsense play on words poem from the prompt over under. Image by Karolina Sikora from Pixabay  Over Under Over under there…Under where?Under there,that rock formationBehind the bushes,a bear behindthose bushes. © A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved

National Poetry Month – Day 22: Silken Gloves

Today’s prompt is silken gloves and the form is an acrostic poem. Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay  Silken gloves Sensual perceptionIndolent rendezvousLavish celebrationKnowledgeable deceptionEnnui reactionNarcissistic mind Grandiose enjoymentLanguishing moralityOverdone in emphasisVanity in velvetEscorted by pearlsSurviving luxury © A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved