#NationalPoetryMonth Day 11: Flash of Broken Brilliance

And we are now on day 11, with my annual Blitz poem. Enjoy the nonsense.


Image by ipicgr from Pixabay


Flash of Broken Brilliance


Brilliant mind

Brilliant flash

Flash the cash

Flash in the pan

Pan for gold

Pan the intellect

Intellect churning

Intellect waiting

Waiting on Godot

Waiting intermission

Intermission buzz

Intermission crashing

Crashing thoughts

Crashing atoms

Atoms broken

Atoms in flux

Flux capacitor

Flux abbreviation

Abbreviation synonym

Abbreviation decimal

Decimal tumbling

Decimal crumbling

Crumbling thoughts

Crumbling emotions

Emotions cracking

Emotions racking

Racking points

Racking score

Score one

Score the cosmos

Cosmos spinning

Cosmos hiding

Hiding the secrets

Hiding the chocolate

Chocolate seams

Chocolate dreams

Dreams break

Dreams fly away

Away to Neverland

Away and gone

Gone down the road

Gone fishing

Fishing in sunlight

Fishing for answers

Answers and questions

Answers to what?

What snakes

What will it take?

Take the pieces

Snakes in the mind




© A. F. Stewart 2019 All Rights Reserved

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