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#NationalPoetryMonth Day 10: Unspoken Promises

Day Ten of National Poetry Month brings a little sorrow…   Unspoken Promises   Standing past the warm summer breeze the smell of honeysuckle drifting from the trees I still see the ghost of you beyond the sea   You never mouthed the perfect… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 10: Unspoken Promises”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 9: Choosing Indecision

  Choosing Indecision   Black and white world, while I live in the grey Right choice, wrong choice Who do you listen to?   No choice is easier safer doesn’t make me bleed Waffling wavering until…   someone chooses for me. © All Rights… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 9: Choosing Indecision”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 8: Blooms in the City

Day Eight of National Poetry Month and another poem blossoms…       Blooms in the City   Sidewalk crack peeking A little green shoot turned to the sunlight reflection in glass skyscrapers   Warm spring air blowing. Growing tall against the bustle, hustle of… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 8: Blooms in the City”

Brain to Books Cyber Convention

Welcome to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention! It all begins tomorrow! Starting Friday April 8th until Sunday April 10th, I’ll be participating in the wonderful Brain to Books Cyber Convention 2016, and there is such fun planned. You can find it all at my… Continue Reading “Brain to Books Cyber Convention”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: Inside Out

Day 6 of National Poetry Month brings an oddball poem…   Inside Out   Inside backwards and roundabout Up, down, all around, churning, spilling breaking the brain box, falling out never restrained floating free never me   Outside revolution twisting twice Broken says normal,… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: Inside Out”