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#NationalPoetryMonth Day 7: Glass Bottles

And we come to the poem for Day Seven… Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay     Glass Bottles   She places them on the window ledge, in a row against the red curtain faded by the sun hollow glass remnants of… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 7: Glass Bottles”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: In Bruges

And here we are on day six with another poem. Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay   In Bruges   A slice of time frozen in stone, along the canals Flemish spires reaching ever towards an open sky, a belfry tower standing guard Hear the… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: In Bruges”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 5: Lilac Cadillac

Welcome to Day Five of my National Poetry Month participation.   Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay   Lilac Cadillac Violet light reflecting on the chrome The flashy neon lighting up the night Strains of jazz and a little R&B From would-be stars eager to… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 5: Lilac Cadillac”

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 4: Life

The poem for Day Four.   Image by Pexels from Pixabay   Life A sturdy bicycle, waiting Against the wrought-iron fence, the early morning abating A sturdy bicycle, waiting Over coffee and croissants, debating inconsequential offence A sturdy bicycle, waiting Against the wrought-iron fence… Continue Reading “#NationalPoetryMonth Day 4: Life”

National Poetry Month Day 1: Majestic Empire

Today begins National Poetry Month and during April, I will once again write (or attempt to write) a poem a day. Here is my first poem to kick things off.     Majestic Empire   From the ashes of old, a republic slain in… Continue Reading “National Poetry Month Day 1: Majestic Empire”