Bloody Valentine Horror Event: Miss Lonely Hearts

Welcome to the Bloody Valentine Horror Event!

Today I’m posting as part of my annual Bloody Valentine Horror Event, the place where bad love lives and romance goes to die. You can check out the dark side of love here on Facebook:



Miss Lonely Hearts


Be my Valentine.

Lonely widow looking for romance.

Only gentlemen need apply.

Henry smiled as he read those first lines, and continued to smile as he finished the personal ad.

Some poor fool woman ripe for the plucking. I’ll wine and dine her, and fleece her for every cent in her bank accounts.

He put the paper down and picked up the telephone to call the number listed.


Two days later, on Valentine’s, he arrived at her door carrying flowers and chocolates. He repressed the urge to shiver as he rang the doorbell. The place was an old and creepy Victorian style house, with an overgrown yard of wild roses.

The door creaked open to reveal a tall, slim, rather pretty middle-aged woman.

Well, thought Henry, this might not be so bad after all.

He held out his gifts. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

She smiled, accepted the candy and flowers. “Hello, Henry, I’m Lydia. Do come in.” She ushered him inside and closed the door behind them.


Henry groaned and opened his eyes. His head hurt. The air smelled musty and the floor underneath him felt damp.

Where am I?

The last thing he remembered was having dinner with his mark. Lydia.

He tried to sit up, and suddenly realized his wrists were manacled. He was chained to a basement wall!

“What the—”

“Watch you language now!” Lydia’s voice interrupted his expletive and she walked out of the shadows holding the box of candy he gave her.

Henry stared. “What have you done?”

“Made you mine. My forever Valentine.” She smiled. “You were perfect, Henry. No one will miss you. Not a criminal like you. So you can stay with me until you die.”

“Stay? Stay with you? Until—until I die?” Henry sputtered the words, his mind reeling in a lack of comprehension.

“That’s right. Down here in the basement, all nice and cozy. We’ll talk and laugh, and every so often I’ll do nasty painful things to you.”

Henry stared at her, before babbling, “No, no, no. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.”

“I know it’s hard, but you’ll come to accept it. You’re mine Henry, all mine until I decide to kill you. Then I’ll bury you under the roses like the rest. I do hope you last longer than the last one, though. He quite disappointed.”

With a giggle, she held out his box of sweets. “Chocolate?”


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As a Bloody Valentine treat, I’m offering my novella, Gothic Cavalcade, for free on Smashwords all day:

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The Bloody Valentine Horror Event

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Bloody Valentines and More!

The Bloody Valentine Horror Event Starts Tomorrow!

We have a great line-up of featured author guests

Clarissa Johal
Ash Krafton
Nick Paschall
Miracle Austin
John Linwood Grant
Debbie Christiana
Steve Vernon
And me,  A. F. Stewart

And, as this is an open event, there will be more great writers popping in and out all day!

Plus, we have giveaways and free books!

So be sure to join us us on the dark side of love!


For my part I’ll be posting some short drabbles, flash fiction and poetry on Facebook, but I’ll also have a story, Miss Lonely Hearts, posting here tomorrow. As well, I’ll be giving away my novella, Gothic Cavalcade, for free during the event.

So, come party with the writers as they celebrate the rejected lovers, the spurned spouses, and the generally lovelorn. It is a festival of everything anti-valentine and down with romance.

Bad Love Lives Here

The Bloody Valentine Horror Event

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Horror Haikuesday: Darkness

Horror, Art and Poetry, such a delightful combination…

Reblogged from Horror Made.

Horror Made




Welcome my wonderful horror fiends and happy horror haikuesday! Today we have a delightful assortment of devilish word-smithing to peruse. So let’s hop on in.

First up, is a poem from our Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall:


I scratch, desperate.

My fingers bleed, my nails break.

My coffin is dark.

clawing out

And out of the numerous, delightful and fantastic #horrorhaikuesday submissions here are this week’s two  illustrations.

The first is from Michelle Parker:

tentacle book

Next up, I saw that Andy Van Scoyoc and Nano Horror spun some striking images off of each other’s poems, so I wanted to do an illustration that played along that vein. (Very fun work guys!)

Although this first one isn’t quite a haiku ( missing a few syllables in the…

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Bloody Valentine Horror Event

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It’s official!

The countdown to the Bloody Valentine Horror Event has begun!

For those not in the know, this is my annual anti-valentine event for horror writers, and all those looking to get away from the sappy mush of romance on February 14th. This year we’ve changed from a blog hop to a Facebook event, but we will still bring the “bad love” to eager readers.

Here’s how it works:

Welcome to the Bloody Valentine Horror Event

This event, happening on February 14th, is a showcase for the bad side of love:  the rejected lovers, the spurned spouses, and the generally lovelorn. It is a celebration of everything anti-valentine and down with romance.

Here’s how to participate:

Join the event.

Invite people (optional, but appreciated).

Then on February 14th post something that fits our “Bad Love” theme.

It can be a poem, a drabble, flash fiction, an excerpt, a tale of a broken heart, a historic tidbit of love gone wrong, a video, photos, just about anything as long as it fits the theme. In other words—No Mushy Stuff.  You may also post links to blog posts or stories posted elsewhere if, again, they fit the theme. It also doesn’t have to be dark and scary, a bit of black humour works as well. You may also include book links or your website links in your posts.

So come join the fun on February 14th, and dispense with the sappy romance. Embrace heartbreak, love gone wrong, romantic mayhem and tragedy, hopefully with that little splash of humour and blood. It’s time to discover the Bad Side of Love.

Although this is an open event, in addition we will have special guests popping in with some darkly delightful Valentine goodies. There will also be free books be offered up as well.

Featured authors scheduled to appear are:

Clarissa Johal

Ash Krafton

Nick Paschall

Miracle Austin

John Linwood Grant

Debbie Christiana

Steve Vernon

Cinsearae S.

And of course your host (that’s me), A. F. Stewart

Checkout all the fun on Facebook:

Bloody Valentine Horror Event



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