The Camelot Immortals

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Series Coming 2020/2021

Magic is forever… Camelot never ended.

Tor Silhouette

Nimue, Morgan le Fay, Vivienne (The Lady of the Lake), Lancelot, Galahad, Iseult they are all still around, living, breathing, never dying.  Even Merlin is around…sort of. (Never cross an angry ex who is also a powerful witch). But immortality doesn’t give you a happily ever after. It just brings trouble.

And despite her best intentions, trouble always finds Nimue.

There are currently two short stories written in this world and a planned book series.

The Short Stories


Both Legendary Debts and Grail Days have been republished as a box set under the title, Eternal Myths.

You can find the original version of Grail Days, in

Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions

The original version of Legendary Debts is only available in the paperback book, Inside Realms.

The Books

The first novel Past Legends, will be published October 2020, and both the second and third novels in the series, Gathering Hallows and Broken Branch, are currently in the WIP stage, with the first drafts completed or near completion. I’ve started writing book four, Wayward Prophecy, to wrap up the four book arc with a bang. The series won’t end with book four however, but will shift perspective, focusing on the characters of Martin and Vivienne in book five.


Past Legends: Prologue

ONCE UPON a myth, or legend, or tall tale, or whatever you want to call it, there existed a wondrous place called Camelot. Full of knights and wizards, magic and quests, a beautiful land of enchantment, fair maidens and ruled by a just king.
Not quite.
Camelot was more akin to a Dark Ages lunatic asylum. I should know, I lived there.
Let me introduce myself. I’m Nimue. I’m a witch and I’ve been alive for fifteen hundred years, give or take a few decades. These days I live in Cumbria, England, in the Lake District, but a long time ago, I lived in the aforementioned Camelot, that mysterious land of magic and legend. Also a place with no running water, no modern medicine, and where basic hygiene could be iffy. Warriors in leather jerkins and dented helms roamed its dusty roads, not knights in armour, and usually held a drink in one hand while the other groped a woman’s—well you get the idea.
I never meant to get involved, with either Camelot or magic, but one day a handsome stranger walked into my father’s tavern.
Merlin, the grand wizard of Camelot.
I should have stayed in the tavern.
Merlin, among other things, was a liar, a psycho, and a wanker. When he held the temptation of magic in front of me, he conveniently forgot to mention the consequences. Like the small issue of immortality. Or his control issues.
What can I say? When you’re in love you do stupid things.
And what’s done is done. I moved on, adapted, and reinvented myself over the centuries. To keep busy in these modern times, I run an off and on holiday let and an online crafts business. It’s not much different from other lives I’ve led, with the exception of all this technology. Of course, things haven’t always gone smoothly; recently there was that mess with Excalibur and then Elaine going after the Grail. Everything worked itself out, though, with a little help.
And I even got a bit of revenge. A while back, I turned Merlin into a tree, and now he’s a wonderful addition to my garden…

Not the final covers

As well, I’ll be posting free vignettes for scenes and events mentioned, but not depicted in the books.

Coming Soon

Morgan’s and Morgawse’s Bog Fight

Dragons vs. Griffins fight

Iseult and Martin Take a Family Vacation

Morgan’s encounter with the ghost of her mother

Vivienne’s encounter with the ghost of her brother

What Morgan saw in the fountain

Arthur’s Story

You can also check out my Pinterest board for The Camelot Immortals:

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