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Welcome to the Darkness!

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You have entered the world of horror and fantasy, of the strange and macabre, where ghosts roam, vampires lurk in the shadows and monsters wait under the ocean depths.

Here, fairy tales end unhappily ever after, curses are cast upon cities, killers sharpen their knives, and airships float above history never before written.

Within this site you will find my books, some tantalizing tidbits to whet your reading appetite, the places where I lurk while surfing the internet, news and updates, and other bits and bobs related to my books and writing.

So pull up a chair and stay a while, we have cookies. Just don’t drink the tea.

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29 thoughts on “Home of Author A. F. Stewart

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  1. I just finished reading Sea Bound: A Saga of the Outer Island Story. I loved it. Now I’m fixing to start reading Chronicles of the Undead: Diaries of the Harrington Family. I love your style of writing. I could actually picture the characters &;the places in my mind. Keep up the great writing. I am looking forward to more of your books. Thank You,
    A New Fan

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