Drabble Wednesday: The Saga Of Fluffernutter

I’ve been neglecting Drabble Wednesday again, with my book launch and the upcoming October Frights Blog Hop on my other blog but here’s another installment only slight late.

Fluffy vs. Fluffernutter

“Why is there a fluffy rat on a wheeled cheese board in the VR room?” I glared at Frankie from the doorway.
“He’s not a rat, he’s a guinea pig. And it’s a dolly, not a cheeseboard.” Frankie rolled his eyes at me.
“I don’t care what they’re called!” I threw up my hands. “Why are they here?”
Frankie shrugged. “Fluffernutter needed a friend.”
I glanced back. “The way that cat’s looking at the rat thing, he thinks it’s dinner.”
The rodent stared at me with big eyes and a squeak that clearly said, “Help me.”
I sighed. Stupid cat.

Not For Dinner

“Frankie! Get that cat out of here!” My shout echoed throughout the VR room as I glared down at the howling cat trying to climb the wall. I was perched on a precarious rigging, clutching a terrified guinea pig. Scratches on his nose and my hand told of our narrow escape.
Frankie rushed in, exclaiming, “What did you do to upset Fluffernutter?” He scooped the cat in his arms. Fluffernutter hissed at him.
“He tried to eat Fluffy!” I petted the trembling creature.
“He wouldn’t!”
“He did! Take that cat out of here!”
Frankie glared, but left with the cat.

Fluffy’s Revenge

“Where’s Fluffernutter?” Frankie poked me. “What did you do to him?”
“What? Nothing. I thankfully haven’t seen that cat all day.” Then I noticed the empty box. “Where’s Fluffy?” I glared at Frankie. “If that cat’s done…” A howl interrupted us and we raced to see what was going on.
In the corner past the VR room, near an open panel, lay Fluffernutter. He was alive, but half the fur was singed off his body. Fluffy sat a foot away, unharmed.
Frankie wailed, “Oh, my poor Fluffernutter!”
I eyed Fluffy, who calmly licked a tiny paw, and I swear, smiled.

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