#NationalPoetryMonth Day 17: Welcome Moon

For Day 17 of National Poetry Month, I celebrate the night…




Welcome Moon


The waltzing night brings jasmine

a perfume caress to herald sighs,

the breath of breeze amongst the trees

that spreads to touch the stars

Quiet footsteps linger

between the grasses strewn

Eyes that glitter to the sky,

Oh, welcome moon


A stroll about the garden

when souls do chase their sleep

plucks the strings of ecstasy

and banishes the cares

Of wonders great, and solitude,

a smile, a dance, a snatch of tune

‘Tis a night to be alive

underneath the blessed moon


Memories from imaginings

tangle in the vines

and perch upon closed petals

as the roses slumber well

Stillness follows pace and turn

with nature’s bounty to commune

Such an eve for remembrance

Shine, oh light of the moon


If only one could stay the course

Here amid the sweet nocturne

Yet it shall not be but a brief respite,

a momentary dalliance

Drink in the wind, the stars, the night,

for serenity, it ends too soon

With a tear, and a whisper

and a farewell moon

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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